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Vimac  PVL  Medcam  I-Scoop 
Digital advanced imaging-display system: ≥1MP
Field of View (FOV): 75°±10°
Frame Rate: 30 fps
Depth of Field: 5-100mm
Standard rechargeable Li-ion battery 18650 
3.7 VDC / 3,400mA
Operating time of fully charged batteries of 240+ min.
Rechargeable ≥ 300 times
High resolution 960 x 480 P 
3-inch with tempered scratch-resistant glass
Two-way rotatable: vertical ≥120°, horizontal ≥300°
View Angle: typical 85° all directions
32 GB internal memory
Reusable blades made from metal alloy
Suitable for all patients
Designed for the Chinese market at high quality standard for upper class users, also available for international market if ability to use reusable blades is demanded.
Ergonomic design in an aluminum housing.
The detachable display makes various combinations of video laryngoscopes simple and feasible, such as pediatric and adult, video laryngoscope and rigid bronchoscope, etc.
One key controls: power On/Off, photo-taking and video-recording.
Can be used as a “direct laryngoscope” by replacing the monitor with the “Direct Power Cap”.
Handle featuring IPX7 water resistance when sealed with the “Sealing Cap”. Monitor featuring IPX2 water resistance.
The RB-00 reusable blade is suitable for 1.5-5Kg preterm and newborn, the RB-0D for 5-15Kg pediatrics, the RB-1D for 15-25Kg pediatrics, the RB-2D for 25-60Kg adults, the RB-3 for 60-90Kg adults, the RB-4 for ≧90Kg adults, the RB-3D for adult with difficult airway and RB-5 is a rigid brochoscope designed to be used with the system..